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About Me- My Medium- my process

The unexpected year of 2020 and personal tragedy led me back to creating, full time. Creating became my therapy, my happy place. My medium of choice has always been acrylic and watercolor paint . During this time, concrete came into my life, while creating a zen garden in

my yard. Once I realized this cold, hard, material can be full color and beautiful. I became obsessed with concrete and realized its possibilites are endless! To achieve the colors, I create and hand mix fabric dyes into the wet concrete. I then paint with the wet concrete, so colors are dried into the final piece. The results are unique and striking. Since I am an artist of many mediums. My paintings and photographs will be on this site soon.

Very light weight (thin)

comes with a stand and or wall hanging.

$50. & $60.

Flowers are concrete too!


Concrete Clocks

TABLETOP FIRE PITS (inside or outside)

with fireglass & canned heat.

price range: mini $40/ small-medium $60/ large $70/ ex.large $150

AVAILABLE: "Magenta Swirl"

large firepit with concrete flowers $70.

MORE FIRE PITS The below are all sold but colors and shapes can be ordered.



w/concrete insert






rimmed different shapes, large wavy square,

flower-shaped, heart-shaped, square

price range: $20-$40 (sets of 4 coasters)

New coasters: available now: 4 for $30.

Can be used inside or outside!

MORE Coasters The below are all sold but colors and shapes can be ordered.

Available: Different shape

3 pieces for $30.


different shapes: 3 round or 3 square or 3 different shapes or 2 taper price range: $25 to $30

Available: Round shape

3 pieces for $30.

MORE Candleholders The below are all sold but colors and shapes can be ordered.

Spring is almost here! NEW pieces are in the final stage.

PLANTERS: small, large, different shapes

Available: Unique planter. Can also be used as a candleholder, vase, decorative bowl. Order with or without drainage hole. $40

MORE Planters The below are all sold but colors and shapes can be ordered.


small, large, sculptural price range: $20 -$150

Flowers are concrete too!

Available: can be a vase, candleholder, candy dish, pen holder, etc.

$30. each

Available: vase

2 for $20.

Available: vase

4 for $40.

Available: bud vase

”woodsy collection” many different color combos


MORE Vases The below are all sold but colors and shapes can be ordered.

PLATTER-TRAY (food-safe sealer)

round, paddle, square, wavy price range $40-$100

None available but can be ordered

Available: Rough it up

(magazine holder) $100


handmade molds/one time use

price range: $30 to $150

Autumunal dream (bowl) sold

Climbing to the blue windows


Ancient Ruins (vase/planter)


Available: Tiny -Abstract-Concrete


Available: House of Concrete



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Preview of my paintings that will be available for purchase on the site... soon

Some of the items shown are sold. If you see something you like... I can make it special for you. Want a different color? different shape? let me know.

KEEP IN MIND: All pieces are "one of kind-handmade" so pieces cannot be reproduced, exactly. Email for more info & pricing.